Saturday, 18 April 2009

My photo projects // Two sisters in East London

One assignment in my documentary photography class was to take a black and white portrait and we had to choose a black and white portrait that we would base our picture on.

I choose Diane Arbus as my inspiration for the shoot. I like how she shows a lot in frame and how these wide shots of people tell so much about who they are.

'Jane Jacobs with her son, Ned'

This is my picture where I try to use Arbus's style to fill the frame with information.

'Two sisters in East London'

If you want to see it in a larger version, click here

The two women are sisters. They grew up in East-London and have lived there all their lives. For the last 50 years they have been living next to each other. They are in their 80s.


  1. i just love that the tele is on. it's the life of two alone elderly ladies, you can imagine that they are spending their lives watching soaps, drinking tea...

    i think that just adds a "true-life-story" factor, as if you just get the ladies off of the sofa and took their pic.

  2. Fina dig! Oh, I really like the picture of the two ladies! Looking forward to see the rest of the pictures that you took on the trip to Norway! See you soon

  3. I really like your photo!
    They are together yet the seem so sad. The woman on the TVs expression feels like a hint to their sadness. Like they have had a hard time connecting and understanding the nature of the male.

  4. By the way, are the face expressions directed?

  5. I like your interpretation of the picture. No, nothing besides the positioning of women (standing/sitting) is directed.

    To me, the hand of the one that is standing, is saying so much by her holding on to her sisters chair. it shows the connection between them in a great way

  6. amazing picture. can I use it for my blog? x

  7. Yes, I will give you the link

  8. I love this picture!!!!!! dod you make more portrats like this?

  9. Thank you so much ! Do you do photography yourself?
    unfortunately i havent done that much after this portrait that i did for a module last year. maybe i should....:)